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Resources for the Civilization Preservation Initiative

Local Meetings

Open Letter of Warning to Governor Nixon From Missouri Oath Keepers

Stewart Rhodes: Oath Keepers Goes Operational
with Civilization Preservation Teams

Who's Got Your Back?

When the Grid Goes Down

Handout: Get Your Ham Radio Technician's License in Three Easy Steps
COMMS UP! An Introduction to AmRRON

How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom
(a full-length documentary film by Oath Keepers)

Pray for Discerning of Spirits
Diane and Patrick

Here are the handouts Diane gave out:
SurvivalBlog's Quick-Start Guide for Preparedness Newbies
5 Cold Weather Injuries To Look Out For (And How To Treat Them)

Colloidal or Ionic Silver
It's medical uses and how to make it at home

Here are Teresa's handouts:
See also Survival Doc's colloidal silver video:
Make Your Own Colloidal Silver
Order Silver Shield Gel here


Dan Hyatt on Prepping Basics

John Moore Addresses St. Louis/St. Charles MO Oath Keepers on Climate Change
Playlist containing 3 parts:

Pierre on Drip Irrigation for your Garden

Click here for the slides from this presentation.

"Dangerous Old Men," Stories from April 19, 1775
David Lamson and Ruth Batherick

See also The Story of Samuel Whittemore

Ret. Sgt. Maj. Dan Page Addresses Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers at MO Appleseed Project Shoots April, 2014

Sky Huddleston on Alternative Energy

Mike Herr on Disaster Preparedness

A Tribute to Oath Keeper, Marc Messmer, R.I.P.

Important Links

Appleseed Videos:
The GI Sling - The Sling You Will Need for Appleseed (11:25) by Survival Doc
Project Appleseed: An Introduction (4:10) from Indiana Appleseed (2011). A good overview of the program.
Appleseed Experiences (2:41) from Texas Appleseed (2013). Experiences from Appleseed shooters.
Project Appleseed: What Should You Bring? (5:22) from Indiana Appleseed (2011) How to prepare for an Appleseed event.
Behind the Scenes with Project Appleseed (8:27) from Bartlett Productions (2012). What it looks like from the instructors' side.
Shooting Training - RWVA's Project Appleseed (5:02) from 'Slim J' (2011). A program overview from a shooter, including some instructional points. Note: The shoot fees given are out of date.
Shooting for History (2:53) by Fox 46 Carolinas (2014). A local TV news report on a shoot that gets it pretty much right!
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